In a small Texas town, three wild-spirited teenage girls search for freedom and navigate early adulthood as they each break away from their past traumas. This raw vérité portrait dives down the rarely-seen rabbit hole of modern girlhood, where adolescence clashes with personal agency.


Rife with drugs, boys, and snapchat, Cusp chronicles one year of teenage life, and the seemingly harmless and important challenges four girls face amid the casual cruelness of toxic masculinity. Set in a rural military town in Central Texas, personal narratives interweave, separate and unfold as the girls influence each other, and develop their individual identities. As they explore their first romantic relationships, Brittney, Autumn and Aaloni fight to escape their own past and internalized trauma, with varying perspectives on the normalization of sexual assault. Culminating in the beginning of a defining school year, their newfound freedom and maturity is at stake as the girls need to plan for their future.